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Al-Waha 200g


Enjoy all of Al-Waha’s unique Flavor combination’s!
Available in 50g, 200g, & 1,000g (Kilo)!
Manufactured in the heart of Jordan and is one of the most well known brands in the world.

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After Nine – Chocolate Mint
Arctic Berry – Blueberry Mint
Arctic Cherry – Cherry Mint
Arctic Melon – Melon Blend with Mint
Arctic Peach – Peach Mint
Big Boy – Watermelon Mint
Blueberry Banana – Blueberry and Banana
Blueberry Guava – Blueberry and Guava
Cali Twist – Cherry, Pineapple, and Orange Blend
Casper – Lemon and Strong Mint
Chai Latte – Sweet Cream with Cinnamon Spice
Cinnamon Gum – Cinnamon Spice
Dirty Thirty – Lime and Mint
Friday13 – Peach, Vanilla, and Mint
Grape – Grape
Gum Mint – Sweet Spearmint Gum
HotNCold – Blueberry and Cold Mint
Ice Cream – Neopolitan Ice Cream
Icy Mango Tango – Mango and Mint
Lemon Mint – Lemon and Mint
Libella Swing – Orange, Guava, and Mint
Magic Touch – Blueberry and Lime
Mango Lemonade – Mango Lemonade
Melon – Melon
Melon Berry – Honeydew Melon and Blueberry
Mint – Mint
One Day – Lime and Mint
Orange – Orange
Orange Mint – Orange and Mint
Pan Rasna – Mint and Strong Floral Blend
Summer Air – Passion Fruit and Lemon
Sweet Shock – Passion Fruit and Watermelon
Tornado – Strong Mint Blend
Two Apples – Red and Green Apple with Anise
Watermelon – Watermelon

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After Nine, Arctic Berry, Arctic Cherry, Arctic Melon, Arctic Peach, Big Boy, Blueberry Banana, Blueberry Guava, Cali Twist, Casper, Chai Latte, Cinnamon Gum, Dirty Thirty, Friday13, Grape, Gum Mint, HotNCold, Ice Cream, Icy Mango Tango, Lemon Mint, Libella, Swing, Magic Touch, Mango Lemonade, Melon, Melon Berry, Mint, One Day, Orange, Orange Mint, Pan Rasna, Summer Air, Sweet Shock, Two Apples, Watermelon


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