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Dr. Dabber Switch - Whip Attachment


The SWITCH: Whip Attachment is a unique accessory for your Dr. Dabber SWITCH, allowing you to connect your favorite e-rig to most traditional dab rigs, instantly turning your SWITCH into an e-nail.

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  • The SWITCH, with its long-lasting battery life, customizable temperature settings, and rapid heating times makes a perfect companion to your favorite dab rig with the Whip Attachment.

    The entire kit comes with:

    • 1 Whip Attachment
    • 1 14mm Male Adapter
    • 1 10mm Male Adapter
    • 1 600mm Food Grade Silicone Hose

    *The SWITCH: Whip Attachment does not come with a glass rig.

    Click for a demo

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Royal Blue, Shadow Black, Ultra Violet


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