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Exxus MiNovo 510 Battery


If you are a fan of innovation in a compact form, then you’ll love the Exxus Minovo! The newest achievement from the Exxus Family, this stand out piece delivering potent flavors in a small frame. Featuring incredible advancements like bright, colorful LED

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Introducing the Exxus Minovo
The ultimate stealth, portable Device

Get ready to indulge in great flavors and top performance with the Exxus Minovo by Exxus Vape! A one of a kind device, it is the ultimate in stealth, discretion and an overall amazing experience. A petite stunner, you are not going to want to put it down!

Key Features of the Minovo
What does Your Device Do

The Exxus Minovo includes a variety of features for a more pleasurable experience for the user. With the Minovo you can enjoy preheat mode, colorful LED light indicators, magnetic adapters to keep your cartridge in place, variable voltage for the perfect heat and all powered by a long lasting 470mAh battery. Simply put, the Exxus Minovo has everything you need for an incomparable session.

Loading and Connecting the Cartridge
Indulge in your Oils

The Exxus Minovo is a 510 threaded device making it compatible with numerous cartridges. Selecting the cartridge of choice, start by removing the mouthpiece so you can load it with your desired oil. Using a dropper drip the oil in the cartridge until it is about hallway full. Halfway is a good base as you don’t want to overfill your cartridge. Attach a compatible magnetic adapter to the cartridge and put the mouthpiece back on. Place the glass cartridge back into the chamber and when connected it will vibrate, letting you know it is ready for use.

Turning on the Device
Let’s Get Started

The Exxus Minovo is an auto draw device making it active as soon as you inhale. To adjust the temperature or voltage click on the power button one time. The Exxus Minovo also lets you cycle through temperatures until you reach the one perfect for you. Bright colorful LED lights light up depending on the voltage setting. The blue light indicates 3.4V, the green light indicates 3.6V, the orange light indicates 3.8V and the red is 4.0V. Two clicks will start the preheat cycle and one click stops it.

What Comes with your Exxus Minovo
Device Accessories

The Exxus Minovo includes:


2 Magnetic Rings

Charging Cable

Get the Exxus Minovo right Now!

The perfect portable, innovative hand-held device, make sure to get the Exxus Minovo by Exxus Vape today!

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