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GRAV Big Bell Chillum


It is a really big chillum by Grav. It has what equates to a 19mm bowl on the end of it so you can cram about a gram in the tip.

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If you’re looking for a small piece with an ergonomic design and a novel smoking experience, then the GRAV® Big Bell Chillum tolls for thee. The unique shape allows you to hold this piece in your knuckles. If you cup your hand around the mouthpiece, you can inhale without actually touching the Big Bell Chillum to your lips. This makes it an ideal piece for cold and flu season. Of course you can smoke the Big Bell like any other Chillum and marvel at its large capacity and dynamic design. Do whatever rings true for you!

Length  Height : 4″
Use  With : Flower
Designed  By : Stephan And Micah

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Black, Blue, Amber, Pink, Lavender, Smoke Gray, White, Mint Green, Lake green, Green, Fumed


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