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GRAV Tankard Sherlock


Want to personalize your glass smoking sessions? Grav has a series of accessories to customize your existing pieces, and this is the latest addition.

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The GRAV® J Handle Mouthpiece is 8″ long and can accommodate any 14mm male joint. Each mouthpiece is paired with a 14mm plastic joint clamp and is designed to function as a dry hand pipe when paired with a bowl, a bubbler when paired with an ash catcher, and a mouthpiece when paired with a STAX® assembly or upright bubbler.

The 19 mm Grav J-Handle can serve many purposes. Combine it with a bowl and create a pipe, pair it with an ash catcher and create a bubbler or add it to your water pipe and use it as a mouthpiece.

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Black, Blue, Green, Lake Green, Jade Green, Pink, Lavender, Fumed, Smoke Gray, Amber, White, Yellow


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