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King Palm Flavor Tips (2 Pack)


2 natural corn husk filter tips with flavored terpenes
Each pack contains 2 Filters.
Flavors: Banana Cream, Berry Terps, Magic Mint & Mango OG!
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King Palm Magic Mint

– Now you can enjoy the refreshing mint flavor with your choice of herbs and rolling paper. You can also roll a hemp blunt with our flavored filter tips, and enjoy an excellent combination with your herbs. Enjoy a much more premium experience with flavor compared to flavored rolling papers

King Palm Banana Cream

– Add King Palm’s innovative terpene-infused filter tips to your favorite blunt wrap or joint. The smooth and creamy flavors of banana make a great companion to your favorite herb. A terpene-infused flavor capsule is located inside each all-natural corn husk filter. Just squeeze the filter until you hear a pop and enjoy a burst of banana flavors. The 2 Pack Banana Cream filters will have you crafting the most flavorful joints and blunts with your dry herbs!

King Palm Berry Terps

– Enjoy the best alternative to flavored rolling papers with terpene infused filter tips. Just squeeze and pop to release the sweet blueberry flavor! The 7mm size flavored filter tips are ideal for using with rolling papers and blunts. They are sourced from naturally grown corn husk, and GMO-free too. We decided to use this type of natural filter tip because of its efficiency, thanks to its unique design. When hand-rolled, it will not let any pieces of your herbs fall out, and smoke will become less harsh too!

King Palm Mango OG

– Add the tempting taste of Mango OG to any smoke with these refreshing terpene-infused filter tips. Each pack of filters comes with 2 hand-rolled tips made from only the best, all-natural corn husks. The 7 mm tips are a perfect size – use them to add a burst of flavor to your favorite dry herb.

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11/4 (79mm), King size (109mm)


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