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King Palm Slim (Flavored)


2 Empty King Palm Slim Cones
One Bamboo Packing Stick
One Hydrating Packet

Available in Many exotic Flavors, these cones aren’t like your regular fast burning papers!
Get Ready for a long lasting flavorful session with King Palm Flavors!

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King Palm Slim Cone Magic Mint:

Activate the terpene-filled flavored capsules and fill your lungs with minty fresh smoke. King Palm’s Magic Mint Slim Rolls contain all-natural mint terpenes that, when activated, blend beautifully. Simply squeeze the capsule inside the filter and listen for the pop! Then, you’ll start to smell the fragrant mint notes, and you know it’s time to light up.

King Palm Slim Cone Watermelon Wave:

Perfect for whenever you want something light and refreshing, King Palm Watermelon Wave Slim Rolls are sure to satisfy your craving. King Palm crafts these Slim Rolls using fruit-derived watermelon terpenes to create all-natural flavors that meld wonderfully with the notes of your bud. Simply squeeze the filter tip of the roll until you hear the capsule pop. Then, you’ll pick up on fruity notes of juicy watermelon.

King Palm Slim Cone Berry Terps:

Activate the fruit-derived terpenes at the tip of these King Palm Berry Terp Slim Rolls and experience a flavor profile that’s unlike any smoke sesh you’ve had yet. By squeezing the cornhusk filter tip and popping the terpene-filled flavor capsule, you are releasing these all-natural berry terpenes in every puff you take.

King Palm Slim Cone Banana Cream:

The King Palm Banana Cream Slim Rolls are way more than just some pre-rolled cones. These leaf rolls contain a terpene-filled flavor capsule in the center of the cornhusk filter tip. To activate, you simply squeeze the filter to pop the capsule and release all-natural banana cream flavors. Inhale the sweetness of these banana-flavored puffs and bask in the tasty hits these Slim Rolls create.

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Watermelon Wave, Berry Terps


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