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MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs


Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary session with an MJ Arsenal Mini Dab Rig. These mini dab rigs are designed to be both compact for discretion, portability and also to maximize the flavor profiles from your concentrated materials.

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Very similar to traditional bubblers, mini dab rigs function in much the same way, with one very important difference, mini dab rigs are better equipped and designed to handle high potency concentrates and extracts.

The mini dab rig is best used for concentrates and extracts. These forms of your favorite herbs have a MUCH higher percentage of “active” compounds in them, providing an experience like no other. Unlike dry herb, concentrates don’t always need combustion to produce aromatics of the active ingredients and the aroma we all know and enjoy, making them a healthier, safer and more pleasant way to enjoy.

These miniature versions of your standard dab rig work in much the same way that water pipes have for hundreds of years. However, the specific setup of a mini dab rig provides a smoother, stronger and arguably purer experience, designed to optimize vaporization and cooling as well as maximizing flavor!

For those that have experienced the difference of a mini dab rig vs a traditional bubbler you already know what we’re talking about. For those that haven’t, what are you waiting for? Give the mini dab rig a whirl during your next session!

Elevate the ordinary dab rig, and make it a mini dab rig by MJArsenal.

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