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RAW Tips Non Pre-Rolled


Never get tired of rolling, especially with RAW.
With all different shapes, sizes, & counts, you’ll always make sure to have the freshest J’s around!
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RAW Original Tips

RAW Original Tips are meticulously crafted from naturally unrefined long fibers using an original type Fourdrinier paper machine – RAW’s spared no expense. RAW Original Tips roll up smooth and have enough structural integrity to maintain their shape and rigidity even when wet. Raw carefully lay’s out and cuts the paper properly with the grain so they roll smoothly (instead of squaring as many other tips from inferior companies do).

Each Booklet of Original Tips contains 50 tips.

RAW Black Tips

To go with the finest rolling papers RAW has ever made, RAW Black Rolling Tips are meticulously made using the old ways that master craftsmen have passed down for generations. RAW Black Rolling Tips roll smoothly to give you an exceptional smoke. They’re strong enough to hold up to your next sesh.

Each Booklet of RAW Black Tips contains 50 tips.

RAW Perforated Wide Tips

RAW Perforated Wide Tips were created to get the burning ember further away from our faces. The thing with tips is that everyone rolls differently and has different preferences. These tips are made from RAW’s soft fiber paper and pressed for easy smooth rolling. They’re really RAWesome!

Each Booklet of RAW Perforated Wide Tips contains 50 tips.

RAW Perforated Gummed Tips

Made from RAW’s naturally unbleached, long fiber classic tip paper milled with a traditional type Fourdrinier paper machine – RAW Perforated Gummed Tips are a smoker’s dream. Perforated in just the right places for perfectly sized tips and lined with a lickable gumline, RAW Perforated Gummed Tips are all about style and convenience. We are proud of our innovative gummed tip that helps to solve the “recoil” problem. #RAWcreativity #RAWinnovation

Each Booklet of RAW Perforated Gummed Tips contains 33 Tips.

RAW Perfecto Cone Tips

The gold standard of cone tips – RAW Perfecto Cone Tips are stiffer and optimized for tightly packed cones. RAW use’s this same cut in RAW’s RAWthentic Cones and they won’t settle for anything less. It’s not the easiest tip to roll, however many real smokers love this tip!

Pro tip: One side has perforations in order to make rolling your preferred inside shape (“Z” or “W”) easier, or for RAWesome rolling artists that want to get tricky!

Each Booklet of RAW Perfecto Cone Tips contains 32 tips.

RAW Maestro Cone Tips

Designed for a specific type of smoker with particular tastes, RAW Maestro Cone Tips are made with Raw’s softer textured paper with perforations for extra support and cut longer to make trick rolling a breeze. With so many RAWthentic options to choose from, this might be the cone tip that feels like it was invented just for you. That’s what RAW’s going for here – if it feels like a product speaks personally to you, RAW did it right!

Each Booklet of RAW Maestro Cone Tips contains 32 tips.


RAW made these RAW PROTIPS for BIG PHATTY ROLLS, crazy custom rolls, and for their creative RAWling team! RAW’s friends needed these for the insane over-the-top creations like the RAW Smokable Bicycle and the RAW Crossbow (it actually works & shoots burning cones!)

Each Booklet of RAW PROTIPS Contains 21 tips.

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11/4 (79mm), King size (109mm)


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