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HB Terp Pearls Clear


Known as terp pearls to some, They’re relatively new to the scene and are known to help with low temp dabs. With them by your side, you’re ensured to get the best possible taste, which is what any dabber would want.

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Whether you’re heating your banger or are about to, you can place the pearls in whenever you like. Once in, it’s essential that your carb cap is in place.

Inhale, but don’t panic. You’ll see the pearls swirling around. This is due to the difference in air pressure that you created. As they turn, your concentrate begins to break down. After all, a hot glass dab ball is slamming it around your banger.

The more pearls you add, the quicker your concentrate would vaporize.

Although any carb cap works, vortex caps are recommended. What’s also recommended is placing the pearls before you heat your quartz banger up.

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