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RAW Tips Pre-Rolled 21 Counts


Convenience is key to having a great roll. RAW makes it even easier with there Pre-Rolled Tips!
Choose between many different styles & pack sizes to find which is best for you!
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RAW Tips Pre-Rolled Original

RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are one of RAW’s US patented inventions and we are extremely proud of them! RAW made these based on a request from a friend so that they could roll up quicker and for patients who had difficulty in holding and rolling up an uncoiling tip. All RAW Pre-Rolled Tips were rolled by hand for the first few years until demand became ludicrous and a machine was finally engineered to pre-roll the tips for us all!

Available in 3 sizes:
21 Pre-Rolled Tips per pack
100 Pre-Rolled Tips per Tin
200 Pre-Rolled Tips per bag

RAW Tips Pre-Rolled Perfecto Cone

RAW Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips are the ultimate foundation for building your own soundly constructed, handcrafted cones for a hassle-free smoking experience. Hand rolled in Bali, Indonesia – each tip is carefully cut and pre-rolled following the natural grain of the fibers to ensure a perfectly round tip for every cone. Believe it or not they’re still hand rolled.

Available in 2 Sizes:
21 Pre-Rolled Perfecto Cone Tips per pack
100 Pre-Rolled Perfecto Cone Tips per pack

RAW Tips Pre-Rolled Wide

RAW Wide pre-rolled tips are designed to allow for a bigger roll and a bigger smoke. We carefully cut and pre-roll each tip to ensure a perfectly round smooth tip.

Available in 1 Size:
21 Pre-Rolled Wide Tips per pack

RAW Tips Pre-Rolled Slim Herbal

RAW’s new slim tip is 30% skinnier than our normal tip. Cause some people like to roll them skinny – not everyone likes to roll the big fatties! RAW work’s for you to give you what you want and hope you enjoy every puff!

Available in 1 Size:
21 Pre-Rolled Slim Herbal Tips per pack

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11/4 (79mm), King size (109mm)


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